Thank you message to 2017 KISS Team!

Kasun Kalhara

Thank you message to 2017 KISS Team!
A couple of months ago, I had the choice to choose one of three world class universities for my summer exchange.
On top of all, I chose KAIST and now, on the day I'm leaving, I feel I made the right decision coming to South Korea.
It was an astonishing time with incredible people in South Korea.
Yes, Korean dramas are true, everyone in South Korea is amicable, comely and courteous.
These four weeks were life-changing and one of the best months in my travel journal.
Being the 41st university in the world, KAIST was always one of the bests for aerospace engineering and nuclear engineering.
It was a privilege to study at KAIST with the adept academic staff and brilliant peer students from all over the world.
I'm so grateful to all the professors and TAs for their rewarding contribution in the classroom.
I would like to extend my gratitude to the international staff of KAIST for offering us this wonderful exchange episode.
I'm thankful to all the facilitators and coordinators for welcoming us with great hospitality.
I express my thankfulness to fantastic buddies for making us feel home at KAIST and being our caretakers with so much love and affection.
I appreciate dormitory supervisors for accommodating us and making our stay a pleasant one.
I also thank all the exchange students and our peer KAIST students for sharing their attributes and bringing diversity.
At last but not least, I'm pleased to offer credits to one and all who contributed for the outstanding success of this exchange.

Thank you KAIST, South Korea and QUT, Australia for this value-adding-opportunity.

Kasun Kalhara
- Queensland University of Technology